// The keith Taft Story /
Art direction, digital design & illustration.
Created @waste-creative.com
Live site

// INTRO /

Taft's story is strong enough on its own. It’s surprising that it hasn’t been made into a movie yet.

If you don’t know who Taft was, he basically created Google Glass 40 years before Silicon Valley tried the same thing. He also created an intricately-connected, wearable computer in the 1970s.

Taft wasn’t trying to sell technology to the masses, he was using for his own personal gain: to win at black jack in Las Vegas.

Art direction
Web design


// Design /

We were asked to illustrate Keith's story, in hopes of creating a viral website. The design is inspired by Saul Bass, 60s mimimal vibe.

The website is broken up into 5 chapters (mainly to allow loading time, it's huge) but also showcase each invention, different colour palettes were chosen to distinguish each chapter whilst in keeping with the theme.

I created 2 custom fonts, illustrated and art-directed.

Visit here

// Chapter 1/
Fastest toes in the West

// Chapter 2/
Magic Shoes

// Chapter 3/
Seven Up

// Chapter 4/
Belly Telly

// Chapter 5/

// The Verdict/

What's your verdict, tech hero or black jack ace?
Users were encouraged to vote via facebook likes and share their results

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