// Personal Branding / ploy to get a job/
Logo & Visual Identity.

// Digital designer in a box /

Plug in & go (contract required) digital designer.
Box contains, but not limited to;

• Latest adobe software knowledge +others
• Unlimited bright ideas
• Enthusiasm by the cupful
1 x Multi-purpose HARD-WORKING spray (with bleach)
2 x Eye for detail
1 x 56k modem with written, visual & verbal communication skills
1 x Problem solving glue
1 x Passion for design hot sauce
7+ Super organised paperclips

Also dead nerdy (the dice)

Art direction
Visual identity / branding
Web design & development


// Words that I live by /
Or just made up

// My colours, don't steal them.
But here's the HEX numbers if you do

//Stationery that I've definitely paid to have printed

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